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If we all agree that data is the binding force of all platforms in the future than our focus needs to always start with data.

John deTar, CEO

What is Global Data Bank?

A secure solution to collect and organize data in real time, providing media activation with advanced segments and manageable audiences.

  • Data

    Data Collection

    Organize your data relevantly.

    Use 1st Party Data on your campaign strategies, ensuring that you're using the most relevant information to build audiences.

    Import to your Global Data Bank account data from many sources, such as brand's website or mobile app, direct e-mails, ads engagement, or even data from CRM and brick and mortar stores.

  • Privacy and

    Privacy and Protection

    From collection to activation of your 1st Party Data, Global Data Bank secures processes, ensuring the privacy and control of your data from end to end.

  • Organization
    and Segmentation

    Organization and Segmentation

    The Global Data Bank organizes all your collected data, regardless of source, in one single interface to enable segmentation and audience management in a simple and fast way.

  • Media

    Media Activation

    To activate programmatic media campaigns in a secure and fast process, Global Data Bank is integrated with main DSPs.

  • BI

    BI Reports

    You'll have access to insights about your audiences, to explore target's behaviour and monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Self Service Platform

With Global Data Bank you have a simple and intuitive interface to integrate your 1st Party Data to Behavioural and Demographic Data, setting media activation in a fast, smart and efficient way.

  • Create segment

    Combine different characteristics to identify specific groups in your consumer audience.

  • View all data

    Access data from all your properties in real time.

  • Autocomplete

    Find characteristics to create segments fast and easy.

  • Admin Pannel

    Take control over your accounts, users and permissions.

  • Mobile

    Access anywhere and anytime, directly from your phone.

  • Quick use

    All features right in your hand.

Like a Bank

Privacy comes first!

Data cryptography and arrangement in a privacy by design platform guarantees total security of all your data from collection to campaign activation.


Protect and control your most valuable asset.


Monetize your assets communicating directly and precisely with your target group. Reduce errors and dispersion.


All processes are encrypted and allow control over any integration and activation.

Talking about

O GDB coleta dados, organiza-os e promove sua ativação, de forma segura. Cada empresa administra sua própria conta, como num banco. Não há nenhum custo para fazer parte da plataforma.

Global Data Bank (GDB) projeta faturamento de até R$16 milhões em primeiro ano , apostando alto na virada do mercado para o programático.

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