Compliant Media™ creates a closed ecosystem of data and media activation to ensure that both the publishers and advertisers are within all worldwide data laws when activating their audiences. The media can be programmatically purchased through any major DSP by purchasing standard Deal ID’s. Compliant Media™ guarantees that your media is within the laws of GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and all other current data laws.


Compliant Media™ Ecosystem

A 100% Compliant Ecosystem that provides transparency, security and effectiveness for both media buyers and media sellers.
Guarantees Compliance and effectiveness for all Media activations without having to share, buy or sell data that could be non-compliant.
Is purchased exactly the way programmatic advertising is currently purchased through Deal Id’s
Reduces company’s risk and liability in regards to worldwide data laws, while increasing user’s privacy and experience and building consumer trust.

Do you want to buy programmatic media respecting the laws and consumers?

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