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to take control of your data

With an account in GDB your company will be able to collect, store, understand and activate the data about your audience in a fast, intelligent and efficient way.

The intuitive and simple interface allows you to integrate and combine data from online and offline sources in a several ways. Besides this, the platform offers insights that streamline decision-making and optimizes the brand’s experience with your customers.

Global Data Bank

A secure solution for collecting and organizing data

With Global Data Bank you will have the power to manage data from multiple sources and combine it with Third Party Data to create sophisticated audience segments and set up media activations faster and efficiently.
Data collection
Organization and Segmentation
Activation and Media
BI Reports
Collect and organize your First Party data in a meaningful way and use the information strategically to create high quality audiences.
Global Data Bank organizes your collected data of all sources, into a single interface to enable audience segmentation and management simply and quickly.
To enable programmatic media campaigns in a secure and fast process, Global Data Bank is integrated with leading market DSPs.
You’ll have access to insights about your audience to explore audience their behaviors and follow the performance of your campaigns.

Privacy & Transparency

In GDB, we recognize that data is the main asset of a company. Therefore, to ensure the complete security of our customers, we encrypt the data at all stages of the process, from collection to activation. The data collected and stored from your company’s traffic sources is 100% private, there is no audience sharing and you have full control over your decisions.

All information is anonymized and encrypted, respecting market’s best practices and the laws of the numerous countries that we operate, such as the Internet Civil Registry, privacy and data protection law and GDPR.

GDB account benefits

Exclusive access

The platform’s use is restricted to your team, only you have access to the data collected and stored.

Own data activation

Generates revenue from your assets by communicating directly and accurately with your target audience, which reduces errors and dispersion of media.

Building audiences

Segment your audiences according to your campaign strategy, use statistical modeling techniques to broaden reach with assertiveness, and identify data overlap.

Audience analysis

Get insights about your audience such as: Demographic and behavioral profiles, interests, and buying intentions to achieve more assertive results with your campaigns.



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