You have a CMP,
now, let's make it work correctly

9 out of 10 companies that have a CMP are still vulnerable because it is not set up properly

*Source: Global Data Bank Internal Statistics measured in Q1 2021.

A product for all your CMP needs.

If you have a CMP, we help you make it work correctly:

  • Assess potential
  • Parameter your
    CMP correctly
  • Comply with broader requirements
    (age wall, restricted targeting)

If you don’t have a CMP, we help you to set it up:

  • Seamless
  • Immediate
  • Centralize all consents
    in 1 platform

Check if your CMP operates properly

  • Control the presence of a CMP.
  • Validate the right location for your CMP.
  • Unveil 3rd party cookies & trackers acting without control outside of CMP.

Set up the right parameters to comply with users choices

  • User Opt-out: no cookie trackers should use or pass data.
  • User Opt-In: only authorized cookies and trackers are active.
  • Change in user choices (opt-in vs opt-out) should be immediately implemented.

Balance consumers trust, regulatory frameworks,
and data sufficiency

  • Safeguard consumers trust by respecting their choices.
  • CMP operates in the spirit of the regulatory frameworks.
  • Maximize consented first-party data for effective marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of our CMP?

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