A user-friendly way to assess your data risk


20+ industries
worldwide covered


From macro to laser
focus insights


Sectoral and regional



Uncover and visualize
potential data leakage

  • Unveil unauthorized 3rd party cookies & trackers.
  • Visualize your entire data flow in one chart.
  • Reveal any undesired practices
    (data reselling, piggybacking…).

Checks if your CMP
operates properly

  • Validate the right location for your CMP.
  • Discover if your CMP is set up appropriately.
  • Audit if any data is passed before other key requirements
    (age wall, restricted targeting…).

Assess the risk level vs
most common vulnerabilities

  • Get a numerical index (0 to 5) of the risk level.
  • Flag specific risks based on main privacy requirements.
  • Audit and record your level of data safety performance over time.

What are the benefits of Data Safety Index™ ?


Find out how much risk your company takes with data.

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