Maximize media inventory value

  • Transparent pricing structure viewed in the SSP.
  • Deal ID’s bought at any major DSP. Just need to provide the DSP name and seat.
  • Worldwide “curated media” to reduce fraud and for a brand-safe environment.
  • Activation of first-party data and contextual data to fit the new cookieless world.

Target at scale specific segment of audiences

  • First-party compliant segments of audiences.
  • Real-time optimisation to overdeliver vs. brand KPIs.
  • Viewability rate above 75%, Completion rate above 90%.
  • High performing format: +10% vs. MRC standards.

Engage consumers with the right
creative content, format & promotion

  • Our programmatic Deal-IDs are outperforming the market against Clients’ KPIs.
  • Additional precision targeting leveraging contextual affinity.
  • We make sure your ad is served to the right consumer in the right environment.
  • Effective Attribution: +20% via contextual targeting.

"The expansion of our relationship with Global Data Bank globally offers buyers access to cookieless, brand safe and curated media supply to reach relevant audiences at scale”.

Patrick Casal, Senior Director, XANDR

A product for every data operation

Maximize clients’ performance and stakeholders’ value

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