Increase Savings

  • 10% lower CPM on average achieved using our cookieless targeting solution.
  • 3-4% Year-on-year savings leveraging our real-time optimization engine.
  • Up to 20% savings on tech stack fees thanks to our one-stop-shop solution.

Unfold Cost Avoidance

  • Performance-based remuneration model. No performance=no cost.
  • Unfold hidden tech stack cost with our transparent “cost-plus” pricing model.
  • Eliminate potential hidden inflation using comparable segments of audiences.

Unleash brands KPIs

  • High performing format: +10% vs. MRC standards.
  • 5-10% higher performance on completion rates for video.
  • 10% higher “viewability” rates for display and video.

“Compliance should not cost more. Our solution reconciles
the need for savings, delivering brand KPIs and Compliance”.

Magid Souhami, former P&G Procurement Director

A product for every data operation

Increase savings while delivering brands KPIs.

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